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Jon Bussert

Jon is one of the four original partners of Legend Financial Marketing Services. He is responsible for the growth and development of Legend, establishing BD and RIA selling agreements, evaluating value added services for advisors, and the day-to-day operations for the annuity division. Jon works hands on with advisors and their clients to provide the “best interest” solutions they need to serve their clients on all lines of insurance business. 

Jon started his career building welcome kits and getting the mail. He has performed every role available in a marketing organization. That experience helps him to understand what is important to advisors and their clients, and insight on how Legend can serve both parties better. Prior to Legend, Jon worked for Professional Planners Marketing Group (PPMG), which was sold to Allianz in 2007, and became Allegiance Marketing Group (AMG), then merged into Gameplan Financial. In 2017, he left Gameplan to start Legend FMS. 

In his 21 years wholesaling annuity and life products, Jon has been consistently recognized as one of the top wholesalers in the country.  He is unapologetic in his resolve to provide Legend advisors the best solutions for their clients without an agenda or carrier premium commitments. Nothing is more satisfying than helping an advisor and their client find that perfect fit to reach their financial objectives.  The whole process is like figuring out a puzzle, and extremely rewarding to find all the right pieces and put it together. He makes himself available 24/7 and truly values the relationships he has built with Legend advisors.

In his free time, Jon enjoys weightlifting, basketball, hunting and fishing. He has five children, aged 17-30 and he, and his wife of 18 years, own a 235 acre property in Wrightsville, GA where they are building their future retirement home.

“Our goal when we started Legend was to provide a true “Best Interest” experience for advisors and their clients, unencumbered by carrier premium commitments. My 20 year history serving registered and investment advisor reps helps me to truly understand where Legend’s products fit, and where they don’t. I stay true to the real objective of providing the clients with the best recommendation for their goals, even when it doesn’t mean the best financial outcome for Legend.  We are not product pushers, we are problem solvers.”