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About Us

The Legend reputation means world-class expertise, a fiduciary-first approach, and legendary support.

Legend was established in 2017 with a mission to provide advisors and their clients with best-interest solutions untethered from premium commitments to insurance carriers.  Our founding partners understood that in order to take a genuine, fiduciary-first approach for our clients we would need to create an organization that can offer an objective, unbiased vantage point based on the best outcome for the client as opposed to the best margins for our company.  

We knew we would need to contract with every single carrier in the industry in order to achieve this perspective.  We also knew that our team would need world-class experience and expertise in every facet of existing and emerging markets so that no stone would remain unturned when it came to providing the level of service and products available to our advisors’ clientele.  

Our company held fast to its promises and today our staff has an average of 15 years in the industry, we can compare and offer solutions from every carrier available, and we have created and protected solutions that are possible only through our company.

Our growth has not deterred us from maintaining a 24/7 availability to the advisors that work with us and our founders are still involved in every aspect of our organization.  Our core objective of providing clients with the best recommendation for their goals is made possible through our robust carrier relationships unclouded by favoritism and enhanced by our extensive experience, creativity, and innovative spirit.

Legend has seen almost every possible scenario, built excellent relationships with carrier management, and honed our craft better than anyone in the industry.  We aren’t product pushers.  We are problem solvers. Our name is a representation of the level of service we offer the advisors that work with us and we look forward to working with you.