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Independent Marketing Organizations

Provide more opportunities to offer solutions to your advisors.

Our branding and marketing team has the knowledge and resources to enhance your offering, grow your brand, and increase your member rolls.  Lead generation and access to new lines of business combined brand support, digital marketing campaigns, and video production allow you to turn prospects into clients.  

Give your clients the world

Our relationships with every carrier in the market today mean the ability to offer your clients more than your competition.  New market and revenue opportunities will keep your clients at the top of their performance and working with you.  We have exclusive products that do not exist elsewhere and a talented team with expertise across multiple disciplines.  

We have worked very hard to create relationships with all of the independent insurance carriers that are available to advisors.  In many cases, you may have wanted to get contracted to offer a carrier as a solution for one of your advisor’s needs, but that carrier then required a premium commitment that you did not know if you could or would be able to fulfill.  We can provide access to distribution level contracts, with any single carrier or multiple carrier combinations, that allow you to provide the best interest solutions to your advisor while maintaining and strengthening your relationship with them, and eliminating outside IMO competition.  We have helped dozens of IMOs add meaningful carrier distribution opportunities to their platform, without compromising their carrier commitments. 

Additionally, we have helped independent distributors attain contracts that allow them the freedom to work as a true fiduciary wholesaler, versus a carrier specific product provider. We offer the products they need, the sales support for illustrations, new business and contracting, and handle the back office functions for these entrepreneurs so that they can focus on what is important to building lasting relationships, and providing maximum value to their distribution.

Access to more distribution opportunities

Opening the door to a competing IMO because you do not have a selling agreement with the carrier they are looking for is a thing of the past.  Call us and let’s discuss the ways that Legend can bring new opportunities to recruit, service and retain your advisors’ business.

Experience the Legend Difference:

  • Say “Yes” to More Access
  • Say “Yes” to More Distribution Opportunities
  • Say “Yes” to Better Advisor Retention
  • Say “Yes” to Providing Additional Lines of Business
  • Say “Yes” to More Revenue