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Lead Generation and Prospecting

Where opportunity meets revenue.

In addition to helping you find innovative, best-interest solutions for your existing client base, Legend wants to keep your business growing with new clients and new market opportunities. We do more than generate promises, we generate business. Making good on this promise, we employ a wide range of client acquisition strategies available through intentional partnerships with ranking digital marketing companies and our suite of technology and advertising tools.

How we do it

Live Communications

  • Exclusive seminar packages—Connect with clients through events filled with qualified prospects based on our market-tested event mailers.
  • Consumer-focused and personalized communications
  • Customized seminar and client-facing collateral designed for your practice
  • Automated email follow-up—Stay in front of prospective clients who attended your events through campaigns that deliver timely messages based on their interests and financial needs.

CPA Alliance Programs

A unique opportunity to leverage a popular program for accountants to acquire motivated clients, this four-hour Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit program for CPAs in your area focuses on the annuities and life insurance products you offer. Nearly half the CPAs who attend each course have, in the past, expressed a desire to purchase a product for themselves.

We’ll help you fill the seats by providing access to proven marketing strategies that target known CPAs within your preferred geographical radius, provide the presenter and the presentation for the event, help you to cultivate opportunities with the CPAs that attend, and maximize the referral potential with them moving forward.

Client retention and referrals

We provide client retention tools and direct mail communications that enable you to communicate with current clients on a regular basis, potentially identifying opportunities to offer them additional strategies and options. Our marketing partners also provide specific programs and assessment tools designed to boost your AUM with current and prospective clients.

How can we help
grow your business?