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Registered Investment Advisors

Fiduciary-first is only possible with all the options.

Our fiduciary-first approach to life products is possible through our relationships with every carrier.  Access to opportunities is key to fulfilling suitability for your clients and our knowledge of the myriad solutions available in the marketplace helps you make the most informed recommendation on their behalf.

Comprehensive client evaluation

Our team will analyze your client’s needs and provide you with the best solutions to fulfill them.  Our analysis will identify the strengths and weaknesses of each possibility and package the information for you to share with your client.  Whether your client is a high-net worth individual or a foreign national who wishes to stay in their country of origin, we have exclusive products and innovative policies to achieve their goals.

The Legend difference

Legend has been working in the RIA space for over 10 years.  We understand the complex nature of the business and the focus it takes to create new client relationships and gather AUM.  Many IAR/RIAs do not have the time to focus on traditional annuity and life insurance products and do not fully understand the value that incorporating them into a client’s account from a risk management standpoint could potentially bring to the overall client plan.  Insurance and annuity products are risk management tools that, if implemented appropriately, bring lasting value and peace of mind for not only the client, but the advisor as well.  Let us show you how these products can be integrated into your planning and actually have a positive affect on growing your AUM, and solidifying your relationships with your clients.

A fiduciary approach to case design

At Legend, our experienced team knows how important it is to uphold the fiduciary oath that you have taken to provide best interest recommendations to your clients.  We have the experience, the selection and the knowledge to show you the best solution, every time.  We pride ourselves on understanding all solutions that are available to the client, including ones that we do not distribute.  It is the ability to admit when we don’t have the best fit, and then the recommendation to you to pursue the other option, that makes us so special.  Where we are a fit, we ensure that we provide you with the absolute best interest risk management solution for your client’s needs .  This insures and enhances your relationships and builds trust that leads to more referrals and opportunities in the future.

Experience the Legend Difference:

  • Say “Yes” to Growing More AUM
  • Say “Yes” to Offering Best Interest Risk Management Solutions
  • Say “Yes” to Building Stronger Client Relationships
  • Say “Yes” to Adding Additional Revenue Opportunities
  • Say “Yes” to Being a True Fiduciary