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Structured Settlements

Expand Your Client Base with Sage Settlement Consulting

Every year, billions in structured settlement annuity payments are issued to claimants involved in physical injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, and non-injury claims.

To serve this client base, Legend has partnered with Sage Settlement Consulting (Sage), a national settlement planning firm. Sage helps plaintiff attorneys and their clients create long-term financial stability with structured settlement annuities, market-based structured settlements, and more. Legend’s state-of-the-art tools combined with Sage’s settlement industry expertise allows advisors to expand their business and provide additional client value.

What To Know

Comprehensive Support

Sage’s team coordinates quoting and policy issuance with structured settlement annuity carriers, drafting and coordination of settlement documents, and customization of attorney fee deferral solutions. Their end-to-end settlement services also include special needs trusts, Medicare Set-Asides, needs-based government benefit preservation, and lien resolution.

Customizable Options

Our partnership with Sage grants you access to innovative tools and solutions to assist your clients. In addition to insurance-based structured settlement annuities, Sage can incorporate market-based structured settlements into comprehensive plans. With a comprehensive settlement plan in place, your clients can rest assured that their long-term needs will be covered.

Growth Opportunity

Legend’s partnership with Sage is yet another plank in our lead generation platform to help you expand your business into new markets.  Sage prepares structured settlement proposals within 24 hours, helping you deliver efficient, attractive solutions to prospective clients. 

How can we help
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