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Primary Markets

Powerful support. Limitless possibilities.

Legend’s unparalleled access to carrier relationships in the market afford our advisors the most flexible life and retirement solutions you will find anywhere.  Being able to compare and offer every carrier and their products breaks down barriers and allows us to genuinely take a fiduciary-first approach to every case.  We are experts at navigating the vast number of life insurance, disability, long-term care, and annuity solutions available today and since we utilize a best-interest case design standard, we will always find the best solution to fit your client(s) needs.

What to Know

Disability / LTC

Your client’s estate and assets need to be protected from illness, aging, and loss of income.  Our robust, strategic partnerships and accomplished handling of complex cases will ensure that their dignity, and the well-being of their family, will be in good hands. 

There are a wide array of disability and long-term care products in the marketplace and we know them all. Allow us to assist you with all aspects of disability and long term care planning.

Let us show you how these products can be integrated into your planning and have a positive affect on growing your business and solidifying your relationships with your clients. Contact us.

Life Insurance

We support you through each step of the sales and placement journey.  

  • Before the sale—sales materials, case design, policy illustrations, and other services based on your needs
  • Application assistance—scrubbing, ordering parameds & medical records, and following up with carriers simplifies and expedites the issue of life applications
  • After the sale—ongoing assistance with commissions, policy enforcement, and more
  • Compensation – Advisors are appointed direct to the carrier, so no sleepless nights wondering when commissions will be coming
  • Advanced Markets – Due to the vast knowledge of our team, we are able to help in every situation, individual or business


Legend has a solution for all of your comprehensive planning needs.  We will guide you through a thorough comparison of the best products available so that your client can enjoy their retirement. 

Our support is centered on the life of the client, not the life of the sale.  For your business, we provide leading-edge technology to increase efficiency, enhance productivity, and expedite placement. 

Allow us to assist you with all aspects of annuity product selection and implementation. Let us show you how these products can be integrated into your practice and have a positive affect on client relationships and business success. Contact us.

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