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Foreign Nationals

Access to client solutions, regardless of where they live

For years, the industry relied heavily on domestic carriers to provide annuities or insurance coverage for Foreign National clients, or advisors ignored the opportunity altogether. This is primarily due to the barriers of handling a client who resides in another country and the complications stemming from their geography. For example:

  • Getting Foreign Nationals to the US
  • Making sure they qualify – based on their Nexus to the US
  • Making sure those clients can get through underwriting
  • Scheduling of the paramed exam
  • Interpretation of medical records

Legend has uniquely positioned itself as a solution to the many barriers between brokers and their foreign clients. Our extensive carrier relationships remove these barriers and allow your foreign national clients to obtain U.S. insurance and annuities without having to leave their home country. Our solutions mean that your clients can:

  • Complete their application in their own country
  • Obtain their paramed exam in their own country
  • Have their medical records translated into English
  • Remain in their home country while obtaining U.S. insurance

Case Study


A Florida based insurance agent met with a 74-year-old female from Brazil that travels to the US every other year for a one week vacation.

She needed $7M worth of life insurance to protect her family’s estate and her goal was to find a US-based carrier willing to underwrite her policy.


The client does not own a home here or have assets tied to the US.  Since her travel here is infrequent, Legend needed a carrier that would offer coverage to a Foreign National that doesn’t have a Nexus to the US.


Legend Financial was able to provide access to a carrier that would underwrite her in Brazil, do the paramed in her home country, and translate her medical records from Portuguese. The client was able to obtain the desired $7M worth of insurance coverage from a US-based carrier and the advisor placed the $300k target case.

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