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Broker Dealer Relationships

Expand your offering, grow your revenue.

Legend offers comprehensive tools and advanced planning expertise to complement your client’s portfolio.  We simplify the life side of your client’s well-rounded plan while our partnerships provide innovative and suited solutions to protect your client’s assets and lowering their tax burden. 

Exclusive partnerships to power your planning

Our partnership with The Quantum Group offers exclusive retirement income and tax-efficient protection strategies backed by award-winning and innovative design processes. The Quantum Group’s insurance platform offers proprietary solutions with indexing technology from well-known economists, financial institutions, and name-brand insurance providers.

The comprehensive range of fixed indexed annuity and life insurance solutions available through Quantum’s insurance platform provides you with retirement risk management solutions that can enhance your comprehensive financial planning process.

The Legend difference

Legend has been working with Broker Dealers for over 10 years and with registered reps for over 20.  We understand the complex solutions that are available to registered reps and understand where those solutions fit inside of a client portfolio.  We also understand that risk management and estate planning is a vital component of the overall investment planning process.  Utilizing risk management tools, from an insurance and annuity product standpoint, can be a daunting task for advisors that have traditionally focused on stock, bond and mutual fund investments for their clients.  We can help these advisors transition their practice into a more holistic one.  One that will enhance their relationship with their clients, grow business for themselves and the broker dealer, and all while providing generous revenue share opportunities with the firms with whom we are approved on their platform. 

Concerned about Reg BI?

We have been providing best interest solutions to registered reps throughout our careers.  We understand where insurance and annuity products fit in a client portfolio.  We do not push products, we are problem solvers.  We have every tool available to make sure that your advisors are making the best possible recommendation to their client.  If it is insurance or annuity related, leave it to us.  We follow your business rules, suitability and new business requirements and provide complete transparency, in real-time, to your management team delegates to provide the comfort and security you need to feel confident about choosing Legend as a partner. 

Please reach out to us so we can provide a demo of our platform, relationship opportunities and database management system that will allow you to feel empowered in your choice to partner with us.

Experience the Legend Difference:

  • Say “Yes” to Providing All Insurance Solutions to Your Platform In One Relationship
  • Say “Yes” to Meeting Reg BI Standards
  • Say “Yes” to Revenue Share Opportunities
  • Say “Yes” to Transparency
  • Say “Yes” to More Business and Happier Reps